Monday, September 19, 2016

Video Update

Cutee Ansh Bagri shirtless in boxers

Pankaj Singh sex scene From 40:20 and 51:30 and 1:05:02 and 1:53:21

Sartaj Gill shirtless again

Karan Kundra hot sex scene

New hottie Rudraksh Thakur shirtless in online show Its Complicated from 2:45

Savdhaan India hot scene (34:00)

Ayaz Ahmad shirtless in Santoshi Maa from Epi 132 from 17:50
The making                      
Another Epi from 6:40    

Member’s Contributions:
Hot guy from Marathi Serial promo

Savdhaan India Shirtless scene

Another one savdhaan india 7 sept 2016 from 15.40

Super sexy prince narula shirtless from Badho Bahu from 6:00

Vin Raina in Vishkanya hot shirtless wet bath and towel scene from 15.30

Marathi serial hot shirtless scene starts from beginning

Contributions from Manju

Manohar Singh in Neena Gupta DARD; serial and he always roamed in mini short. In the link below see him at 1.24 in just shorts:

In shorts at after 10 min:

in underwear swimming in and out of the pool after 10 mins:

Dekh Bhai Desh episode 25 please see Vishal in red short. He is doing exercise after 6 mins.
Shubh Joshi:


Friday, September 9, 2016

Vishal Aditya Singh

Sartaj Gill

 Sartaj Gill of Begusarai fame...not setting the screen on fire in Ek tha Raja Ek thi Rani

Yuvraj Thakur

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Video Update

Shirtless video update by Manju and other members of the blog:
new hot shirtless sex scenes from crime 5.55, 35.00 and 36.20
Akshay sethi shirt open and hot scene from 23.10 in Savdhaan India
Akshay sethi shirtless at the begining
Mehul Kajeria crime patrol shirtless hot at 4.30 and 16.30
Hot guy shirtless at 4 onward
Nakuul Mehta shirtless as never seen before with armpit hair :D starts 2:22

Here are some additional videos posted by members from various films:
old is gold... nikaah movie hot shirtless scene in song from 2.15..
 nagin movie kabir bedi hot shirtless scene from 50.25
kabir bedi too hot full song in undies
 kabir bedi hot at 27.00 and 1:44:00 on
titto MBA movie hot shirtless scene of hunk nishant dahiya from 2.15

 Miss teacher from start ,34.25 ,59.25 ,1:04:50 and 1:09:50 very cute and hot shirtless guy sex scenes on

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