Monday, November 24, 2014

Shirtless videos Update

Viraf patel super hot shirtless n love-making

Param Singh (Randhir of Sadda Haq) shirtless avtar in Shapath

Param Singh Shirtless boxing

Param Singh fuzzy hairy chest

Ankit Gupta (Parth of Sadda Haq) shirtless boxing

Shakti Anand hot scene from Maharana Pratap

Ruslaan Shirtless (from 2:40)

Kinshuk Mahajan shirtless in beach )frm 8:26)

Yash P sinha shirtless + butt crack, sexy action scene with kinshuk Mahajan

Sahil Salathia shirtless from Everest

Barun Sobti Sanaya Irani sex scene

Monday, November 10, 2014

Moderator's Note

Some small but essential things that I am forced to remind the viewers:

1. This is not a professional service ( I dont get paid for it) so I cant quite sacrifice my job to update regularly. Still I am trying my best and this is one of the most regularly updated blogs on shirtless men.

2. I dont have personal relations with actors so cant make them go shirtless. If there are shirtless pix of actors online you will get them but dont demand for pix of those actors who havent 'dared to bare' yet.

3. before making a request for a picture try to chk the name tag of the actors on the right hand side of the page.

4. I cannot please all with one update. Every actor I post here have some takers so stop fussing else I wont publish the comments.

Angad Hasija

 remembering the long lost hottie Angas hasija..hoping to see 'more' of him

Aly Goni

 Aly Goni from Yeh Hai Mohabattein..on public demand

Rohan Gandotra

 The cute n hot male lead in Everest, definitely a guy to watch out his juicy lips