Saturday, August 29, 2015

Video Update

Ravish Desai shirtless from Satrangi Sasural

Sexy guy from Savdhaan India (from 5:30, 10:03)

Raj Logani shirtless shower from Savdhan India (from 7:55)

Savdhaan India episode 1193 from  13:00,  16:30

Pearl V. Puri Shirtles from Badtameez Dil (episode 22) from 4:25

Hot cute and hairy Mishal Raheja back in action with Ishq ka Rang Safed (from 10:00)

Samridh Bawa in towel from Mere Rang Mein Rangne wali

Vivan Bhatena in swimming trunks

Mikshat Verma Shirtless from Nisha Aur Uske Cousins

Sudhanshu Pandey
Sexy shirtless fight scene: (1:40 onwards)

MEMBERS’ Contributions:
 (I heartily Thank all of you for giving these links/suggestions and also the Instagram suggestions…without these informations it would have been very difficult to continue the blog….)

Gaurav Sharma gay shirtless scene from Total Nadanita (from 11:40)

Hot Marathi Actors TV Shirtless (From 11:10)

Deepak Wadwa shirtless from Qubool Hai

Varun Toorkey shirtless in Qubool hai (11:46)

Abhishek Mallik  Shirtless from Punar Vivah in towel (10:40)

Badtameez Dil-----Pearl Puri (Abeer) shirtless exercise and clean waxed armpits show-off with cute smile episode 40.. starts at 05:20

MEHUL BHOJAK shirtless rape scene begins at 30.50


  1. Hey devil.!!
    Plz post video links of code red.
    There r many hot shirtless sex scenes n love making scenes.
    And BABLOO HAPPY HAI movie too

    1. its almost impossible to open the episodes from the colors website and search for shirtless scenes in code red...I need to sort each and every episode and it doesn't browse as fast as youtube...Babloo Happy hai is not availaible online

    2. But u can find it in google.
      Find code red written updates.
      There u can find it.
      Devil plz.
      U doing a gr8 job.!

  2. hey devil , want to see krip suri's shirtless videos and sahil mehta , siddhant karnick also............

  3. hey devil ............, i want to see shirtless videos of krip suri ,sahil mehta and siddhant karnick

  4. Can u post a video of Ranbir Kapoor (hot scene from rajneeti)

  5. UUpdate update. Update. Update

  6. Post videos of savdhaan india too

  7. Hey devil.!
    Plz update soon..
    Its more dan a week now.

  8. devil dynamic update this one was already seen !!!some new spicy hunt please

  9. Kabeer k shirtless hot dance with girl around him in tumhi ho bandhu Sakha tumhi.
    89 episode .

  10. Plz update soon.
    Unseen videos

  11. why karan kundra :(
    new guys pls..unseen hot!


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