Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Shirtless Video update

Rshlaan Mumtaz shirtless in Big F (Almost throughout the epi) and Gautam Gulati shirtless at the beginning.

Ankit Gupta of Sadda Haq shirtless in hot deo add
Shirtless in Sadda haq frm 2:00

Randeep rai shirtless in deo add

Rushad Rana in pool

Young guy hot scene from MTV Big F (from the beginning)

Gumrah season 5 epi 6 (from 13:00)

Keith Sequiera Shirtless from 10:10

Karanvir Vora shirtless in music video from 4:00

Karan Oberai hot video


  1. Both Gautam Gulati and Ruslaan would make fantastic pornstars. They look like they were made for a woman's pleasure.

  2. Hot guy shirtless nd hot longest smooch on Indian television from big f episode 4.
    Hottest sex..
    Plz tell that guy name

  3. Plz tell the name of the guy from big f episode 4

  4. Keith sequeria shirtless from big boss
    And shirtless kiss sex from movie calendar girls.

  5. Big f is a sex show guys so u will find hot shirtless guys in each episode
    Go on you tube fr seeing them!;)

  6. Devil thank you for this update..
    We hope to see more from you with new breathtaking scenes videos. .:)

    Hot shirtless scenes at 28.00 and 36.00
    Too hot check full episode:)


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